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Ayesha Zulfiqar
( HR Manager )

Ayesha Zulfiqar is a seasoned HR Manager who recently joined the dynamic team at Titanium Agency, headquartered in Lahore. With a career spanning over five years, Ayesha has consistently proven her proficiency in the field of Human Resources. Her journey in HR management began in 2016 when she embarked on this career path, and since then, she has worked with various renowned organizations, accumulating a wealth of experience and expertise.

What sets Ayesha apart is her recent transition to the real estate industry. Having joined the real estate market over three years ago, she has successfully adapted her HR skills to the unique demands of this dynamic sector. Prior to her foray into real estate, Ayesha contributed her talents and knowledge to two other distinguished organizations: United Insurance and Adam G. With a B.Com IT qualification under her belt, she combines her educational background with practical experience to navigate the intricacies of HR in the real estate world, making her a valuable asset to the Titanium Agency team. Ayesha’s rich professional journey and dedication to the field make her a well-rounded HR Manager capable of leading and nurturing talent in a rapidly evolving industry.

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