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Um-E-Laila ( Sales Advisor )

Um E Laila is a highly motivated and experienced Sales Advisor at Titanium Agency, a renowned real estate company. With a Masters of Science degree in Chemistry and a passion for real estate, Um E Laila brings a unique blend of scientific acumen and exceptional customer service skills to the table. With over a year of experience as a Customer Relation Officer in the real estate industry, Um E Laila has honed her expertise in understanding clients’ needs and providing them with tailored solutions.

As a Sales Advisor at Titanium Agency, Um E Laila is dedicated to assisting clients in finding their dream properties. She possesses a keen eye for detail, enabling her to analyze market trends, evaluate property values, and offer valuable insights to clients. Um E Laila takes a client-centric approach, prioritizing their satisfaction and ensuring a smooth and seamless home buying or selling process.

With her excellent interpersonal and communication skills, Um E Laila establishes strong relationships with clients, building trust and rapport along the way. She guides clients through every step of the real estate journey, from property search and negotiation to closing the deal. Um E Laila’s extensive knowledge of the real estate market, coupled with her commitment to delivering exceptional service, makes her an invaluable asset to both buyers and sellers.

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