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Deluxe Homes Lahore | Last Booking Date: May 20, 2023 | Development Status

Deluxe Homes Lahore, developed by Maqsood Developers, is an exceptional gated community located near Thokar Niaz Baig on Main Multan Road. With its modern infrastructure, lush greenery, and tranquil atmosphere, Deluxe Homes offers a luxurious lifestyle to its residents. This article aims to highlight the key features, amenities, and investment opportunities available in Deluxe Homes, emphasizing the importance of booking a property before the last date of May 20, 2023.

Deluxe Homes Lahore | Last Booking Date: May 20, 2023 | Development Status

Luxury Living and Modern Amenities:

Deluxe Homes Lahore provides a haven of comfort and convenience with its beautiful interiors adorned with high-quality fittings and fixtures. The project showcases premium-quality smart devices and a state-of-the-art electrical system, enabling residents to experience a futuristic and hassle-free lifestyle. The emphasis on modern living facilities ensures that every need of the residents is met within the community.

Prime Location:

Strategically situated near Thokar Niaz Baig, Deluxe Homes Lahore benefits from its proximity to major commercial areas, such as Park View City, banks, schools, and dining establishments. This advantageous location allows residents to easily access essential services and amenities without having to travel far. Moreover, the project’s close proximity to the M2 Motorway offers convenient connectivity to other parts of Lahore and beyond.

Quality Construction by Maqsood Developers:

Maqsood Developers, a renowned real estate firm, has established a reputation for delivering state-of-the-art infrastructure and superior quality in their projects. With a strong emphasis on providing the best possible living experience, Maqsood Developers ensures that Deluxe Homes Lahore meets international standards of town planning. The well-designed network of wide roads, efficient water supply system, and effective sewerage and sanitation facilities contribute to the overall appeal and functionality of the community.

Property Options and Installment Plans:

Deluxe Homes Lahore offers prospective buyers two attractive property options: 3-Marla Homes and 3-Marla Cottages. These properties come fully furnished and are available on convenient installment plans. The 4-year and 6-year installment options make the payment plan affordable and accessible for individuals from various income brackets. This flexibility enables salaried individuals to invest in their dream home without straining their finances.

Deluxe Homes Pre Launch Payment Plan
Deluxe Homes Pre Launch Payment Plan

Last Booking Date: May 20, 2023:

It is essential for potential buyers to take advantage of the pre-launch rates by booking their desired property in Deluxe Homes Lahore before the last booking date of May 20, 2023. After this date, the project’s rates will be subject to change. By securing a property in Deluxe Homes before the deadline, investors can ensure attractive return on investment (ROI) and potentially benefit from future property value appreciation.

Professional Consultation and Information:

To assist interested individuals in making informed decisions, Titanium Agency provides professional consultations for real estate matters, specifically regarding Deluxe Homes and other Bahria Town projects. Additionally, their YouTube channel offers regular updates on the latest trends and developments in the Pakistani real estate market, allowing potential buyers to stay well-informed.


Deluxe Homes Lahore, developed by Maqsood Developers, presents an exceptional opportunity for individuals seeking a luxurious and peaceful lifestyle. With its modern infrastructure, high-quality amenities, and convenient location, Deluxe Homes offers a prestigious living experience. However, with the last booking date of May 20, 2023 approaching, it is crucial for potential buyers to take prompt action and secure their property in this esteemed community. Don’t miss out on this chance to invest in Deluxe Homes Lahore and enjoy the benefits of a prosperous future.

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