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FBR Registers 18,371 Retailers Through Tajir Dost Scheme

Tajir Dost Scheme: According to a recent report from the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), a total of 18,381 traders have registered as filers since April 1, 2023 In Tajir Dost Scheme. Among these, 14,472 filers were created through the Tajir Dost app, while an additional 3,899 traders became filers through other means. City-specific data from the FBR highlights that 5,303 businessmen in Karachi and 5,112 traders in Lahore registered as filers between April 1 and May 25. Islamabad recorded 1,567 new filers, Rawalpindi had 2,138, Peshawar added 1,534, and Quetta saw 980 traders registering as filers during this period.

FBR’s Tajir Dost Scheme

In a separate development, the FBR has blocked over 3,600 SIMs of non-filers across Pakistan. Sources indicate that the FBR is providing data of 50,000 non-filers daily to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). The plan involves gradually blocking the SIMs of non-filers, with lists shared with telecom companies and the PTA receiving details of 566,671 individuals. The initiative is being carried out under Income Tax General Rules 114B, with an initial target of blocking 5,000 SIMs daily.

The joint working group has raised concerns over the blocking of mobile SIMs of non-filers. This action follows an agreement between the FBR and telecom operators to enforce the measure.