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All About Bahria Town Lahore

Bahria Town is one of the most opportunistic and premium housing projects in Lahore. It’s a masterpiece, a true definition of elegance. Everything here describes the utmost luxuries, peaceful environment, and comforts of life. It is a beautifully planned, lush green housing society with wonderful development, heart-stopping attractions, and appealing opportunities. It’s a dream place, the first housing project that perfectly defines the true meaning of modern housing societies. Excellently devotes Lahori lifestyle, Bahria Town is developed according to the latest rules of international development.

Whenever we think about real estate, Bahria Town hits the mind. No matters whatever your purpose of investment, this society has enough opportunities to fulfill your needs perfectly.

Bahria Town Lahore – Project Overview

It’s a grand gated community, one of the largest housing societies in Lahore. Bahria Town Lahore is undoubted, the whole city developing within the city of Lahore. Its master plan features all the basic to luxury necessities, making it complete and different from others. Expanding on a large area of land, Bahria Town comprises several sectors that have different blocks in it.

There are 6 main sectors in Bahria Town Lahore, i.e.,

Sector A, Sector B, Sector C, Sector D, Sector E, and Sector F

All these sectors are featuring several blocks where residential and commercial properties are ideally designed. Coupled with all the luxuries of modern life, Blocks offer a complete lifestyle to its residents.

Bahria Town Lahore – Sectors and Blocks

Sector A

It’s the very first and the oldest sector of Bahria Town Lahore. Also known as Babar Block, this Sector features only one block. But Sector A Babar Block has everything available, making it a complete society, the right place for a luxurious lifestyle.

Sector B

Located next to Executive Lodges, Sector B of Bahria Town Lahore is completely developed. This sector comprises several blocks, has so many attractions, and features maximum development. Sector B Block is:

  • Usman Block
  • Shaheen Block
  • Awais Qarni Block
  • Takbeer Block
  • Ghouri Block
  • Usman Block
  • Umar Block

Sector C

Also, popular as the main commercial hub, Sector C comprises several blocks and numerous properties. It is one of the most famous and attractive sectors of Bahria Town Lahore, featuring the Grand Jamia Mosque. All of its blocks are named on flowers. The blocks of Sector C are:

  • Hussain Block (Ex Nargis)
  • Jasmine Block
  • Tulip Block
  • Chambeli Block
  • Gulbahar Block
  • Gardenia Block
  • Gulmohar Block
  • Iris Block
  • Janiper Block

All of its blocks have maximum construction and families are enjoying their comfortable lifestyles in Bahria Town Lahore.

Sector D

Launched in 2011, Sector D is the complete sector with a good ratio of population. All of its blocks are on-ground and have all the trademark facilities. The blocks in Sector D are:

  • AA Block
  • BB Block
  • CC Block
  • DD Block
  • EE Block  

Sector D is the only sector with a separate main entrance on Canal Road.

Sector E

Launched in 2012, Sector E has many attractions and features enough to win your heart. However, one of the significant developments in Sector E is Eiffel Tower. Also, the first international standard amusement park is developing in its Nishtar Block. Several other major projects like the Grand Mall of Bahria Town Lahore are also located in it. The blocks of Sector E are:

  • Jinnah Block
  • Talha Block
  • Rafi Block
  • Nishtar Block
  • Quaid Block
  • Iqbal Block
  • Johar Block

Sector F

It is the last and the latest sector in Bahria Town Lahore. Catching investors’ attention, Sector F features several blocks; some are completely developed while others are developing. Following are the names of Sector F Blocks:

  • Sikandar Block
  • Alamgir Block
  • Ghazi Block
  • Ghaznavi Block
  • Tipu Sultan Block
  • Tauheed Block
  • Shershah Block

Some of its blocks also feature Extension Blocks.

Bahria Town Lahore – Location

Location is the most important factor that fails a project or makes it successful. Bahria Town Lahore has achieved great success in the property sector Lahore despite its location far from the main city centers. This society is located on Main Canal Road with a short distance from Ring Road Lahore. It has multiple access but major from Canal Road and Multan Road. It is on few minutes’ drive from Lahore International Airport. Many housings societies lie in its proximity.

Bahria Town Lahore – Properties for Sale

This mega society, Bahria Town, has all types and sizes of properties available. Bahria Town Lahore offers a large number of options when it comes to buying residential plots. Its residential plots sizes available are:

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal
  • 4 Kanal to 16 Kanal Farmhouses Land

Bahria Town also has some other residential properties available like apartments, penthouses, villas, and homes.

Also, there is nothing less when you search for commercial plots. Commercial plots sizes in Bahria Town Lahore are starting from 1.33 Marla sector shops to 16 Marla plots.

On the other hand, there are several plazas, offices, and shops available in Bahria Town.

Features and Amenities

Bahria Town is a name of class, comforts, and luxuries. It has remarkable features and amenities that are hard to find in any of the housing societies in Lahore. Undoubtedly, the facilities of Bahria Town Lahore are enough to offer you a complete lifestyle, a lifestyle of your dreams. Here are some prominent features and amenities:

  • Secure Gated Community
  • Boundary Wall
  • Beautiful Entrance
  • Appealing Landscapes
  • Lush Green Areas and Parks
  • 24/7 High-Security Checks
  • CCTV Cameras Monitoring
  • Uninterrupted Supply of Electricity, Gas, and Clean Water
  • Top – Class Shopping Centers and Malls
  • International Standard Hospital and Clinics
  • Bahria Town School and Branches of Top Schools
  • Sports Complex and Golf Course
  • Wide Carpeted Roads and Green Belts
  • Community Centers and Cinemas
  • Food Courts and Food Streets
  • Golf Club, Swimming Pools, and Gyms
  • Clean and Fresh Environment
  • Major Attractions
  • Grand Jamia Mosque
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Trafalgar Square
  • Talwar Chowk
  • Egyptian Pyramids

An unmatchable, secure society with dream facilities. Moreover, it offers huge opportunities to investors and buyers, not only to locals but also to Overseas Pakistanis. Undoubtedly, it’s the dream destination of Overseas Pakistanis when they plan to live in Lahore. But, at the same time, it offers maximum returns by offering beneficial properties. Bahria Town Lahore is perfect in all terms.

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