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Ayat Tower: Flat Discount on Bookings | Bahria Town Lahore

Ayat Tower, an extraordinary mixed-use development, has recently been introduced in the prime locale of Bahria Town Lahore. This towering project serves as a testament to exceptional design influenced by contemporary ideas and the latest architectural trends. Ayat Tower seamlessly integrates commercial and residential properties, offering a comprehensive solution to meet all your real estate needs. With its captivating front elevation, strategic positioning, enticing amenities, and promising investment opportunities, Ayat Tower emerges as a distinctive addition to the cityscape.

This cutting-edge development unfolds unparalleled opportunities for both residence and investment. The pricing is set at accessible levels, and the meticulously crafted payment plan reflects careful planning, ensuring convenient payment options for all. Whether you are in search of a comfortable home or a lucrative investment, Ayat Tower is designed to cater to your diverse requirements.

Exceptional Investment Advantages with Ayat Mall

Discover unparalleled investment benefits with Ayat Mall, an enticing opportunity that promises not only capital appreciation but also high rental yields. Nestled strategically in a sought-after location, Ayat Mall capitalizes on the growing demand for both commercial and residential spaces in the area, creating a highly favorable investment climate. The meticulously crafted payment plan adds an extra layer of convenience, empowering investors to secure their financial future while enjoying attractive returns on their investment.

Developer and Owner of the Project:

Ayat Tower is a creation of visionary developers committed to excellence. The project is owned by Ayat Developers, ensuring a commitment to quality and timely delivery. With a proven track record, the developers aim to elevate living standards with this remarkable high-rise.

Master Plan Of Ayat Tower

Nestled on a spacious 4.5 kanal area, Ayat Tower boasts a thoughtfully designed master plan. This high rise marvel integrates functionality with aesthetics, promising a harmonious living space that maximizes comfort and convenience.

Ayat Tower Payment Plan

Unlock the doors to luxury with Ayat Tower’s three-year easy monthly installment plan. Studio apartments start at PKR 490,000, one-bed apartments at PKR 790,000, and the epitome of luxury, two-bed apartments, begin at PKR 1,190,000. Avail these exclusive per-launch rates until the 27th of January 2024.

Ideal Location and Map of Ayat Tower

Strategically positioned in the Tipu Block of Bahria Town Lahore, Ayat Tower is set in an ideal location. Explore our interactive map to discover the proximity to essential amenities, major roadways, and the convenience of the surrounding area.

Last Date for Pre-launch Rates

Act fast! The last date to benefit from our per-launch rates is 27th January 2024. Seize this opportunity to invest in luxury at an exclusive price.

Features and Amenities

1. Pakistan’s Largest Fish Aquarium

   Ayat Tower takes luxury living to new depths with the inclusion of Pakistan’s largest fish aquarium within the building. Residents can immerse themselves in a unique aquatic experience, adding a touch of serenity and wonder to their daily lives.

2. Uninterrupted Power Supply

   Enjoy continuous comfort with Ayat Tower’s uninterrupted power supply. No more worries about power outages, ensuring that residents can go about their daily activities seamlessly.

3. Dedicated Parking

   Convenience is key at Ayat Tower, providing residents with hassle-free parking spaces. A dedicated parking facility ensures that both residents and visitors experience the ease of parking, enhancing the overall living experience.

4. State-of-the-Art Security

   The safety and well-being of residents are paramount. Ayat Tower features state-of-the-art security systems with round-the-clock surveillance, providing peace of mind to everyone within the high rise community.

5. Elegant Interiors and Design

   Step into sophistication with meticulously designed interiors. Ayat Tower brings a blend of modern aesthetics and functional design, creating a luxurious living space that reflects opulence at every turn.

6. 24/7 Elevator Access

   Convenience is elevated with 24/7 elevator access, ensuring residents have quick and easy access to all floors. Whether heading home or enjoying the commercial spaces within the building, vertical mobility is at your fingertips.

7. Prime Location and Connectivity

   Ayat Tower’s ideal location in the Tipu Block of Bahria Town Lahore offers residents proximity to essential amenities, major roadways, and seamless connectivity. Enjoy the convenience of being at the heart of the city while relishing the exclusivity of Ayat Tower’s prime address.

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Return On Investment

Investors, take note! Ayat Tower promises not just a luxurious lifestyle but also a sound Return On Investment. With pre-launched rates and a prime location, this high rise gem holds the potential for substantial appreciation.

Why Should Invest in this Project

Investing in this project means more than just acquiring a property; it’s a commitment to a lifestyle defined by luxury, convenience, and potential returns. The strategic location, per-launch rates, and promises of timely delivery make Ayat Tower an investment opportunity like no other.

Booking in Ayat Tower Bahria Town Lahore

The booking procedure in Ayat Tower Bahria Town Lahore is simple. You will need the following documents:

  • Passport size photographs
  • CNIC Copy or Copy of Passport
  • Copy of NICOP
  • Copy of Payment Receipt
  • Screenshot of online payment if made
  • The payment mediums are Titanium Agency Offices, Online Payments and Banks.


In conclusion, Highrise project emerges as a symbol of luxury and sophistication in Bahria Town Lahore. From the visionary developers to the thoughtfully designed master plan, every aspect of this high rise speaks of quality and commitment. With the allure of per-launch rates and promises of timely delivery, Ayat Tower beckons you to invest in a lifestyle that transcends the ordinary. Seize the opportunity before the 27th of January 2024 and become a part of the Ayat Tower legacy.

Stay Tuned for Updates

For the latest updates and information on Ayat Tower Bahria Town Lahore, Stay tuned to Titanium Agency Pvt Ltd. We will keep you informed about the project’s progress and provide valuable insights for potential buyers and investors, Contact Us Now.

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