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Citi Housing Peshawar | Booking Details | Payment Plan

Step into the world of Citi Housing Scheme Peshawar, where contemporary living seamlessly intertwines with serene surroundings. A distinguished residential endeavor, Citi Housing Scheme Peshawar is dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of the community.

Nestled within the captivating landscapes of Peshawar, this project harmoniously fuses the allure of nature with cutting-edge architectural design. It stands as a sanctuary where you can fashion a home that mirrors your dreams and aspirations. Crafted to offer a premium standard of living, Citi Housing Peshawar exemplifies meticulous planning and unwavering focus on excellence.

Citi Housing Peshawar Location

Conveniently positioned at the epicenter of Peshawar, Citi Housing Scheme Peshawar offers effortless connectivity to key transport hubs, esteemed educational establishments, top-tier healthcare services, and bustling commercial hubs.

With its proximity to the M-1 originating northeast of Peshawar Ring Road, residents relish a smooth and well-connected link to every corner of the city.

Citi Housing Peshawar Now in Your City

Citi Housing Peshawar Infrastructure

Citi Housing Scheme Peshawar prides itself on its impeccable infrastructure and essential utilities, thoughtfully designed to meet the demands of its residents. A network of well-kept roads, reliable water and electricity provisions, and state-of-the-art sewage systems ensures an uncomplicated and comfortable living environment.

Embracing a captivating fusion of modern elegance and enduring allure, Citi Housing Scheme Peshawar showcases an impressive collection of architectural masterpieces. From contemporary villas to chic apartments, the housing scheme presents a wide spectrum of residential choices tailored to cater to diverse preferences and requirements.

Citi Housing Location and Map

Citi Housing Peshawar Payment Plan

Experience seamless financial ease with Citi Housing Peshawar’s thoughtfully designed payment plan. Spread over a timeline, our customer-friendly approach allows for gradual payments.

This ensures that our valued customers can comfortably manage their finances without the burden of hefty upfront sums. The plan encompasses a 20% initial down payment, followed by 12 convenient quarterly installments, and no payment required upon possession.

For a comprehensive breakdown of the installment plan, please refer below. Your journey to owning a piece of Citi Housing Peshawar has never been smoother.

Citi Housing Peshawar Payment Plan

Citi Housing Peshawar Developers

The driving force behind CHP is none other than Citi Housing Developers, a prominent name in Pakistan’s real estate realm. Renowned for their unwavering dedication to quality and excellence, they have earned their reputation through meticulous attention to detail.

With a commendable history of timely project deliveries and budget adherence, Citi Housing Developers have consistently upheld their commitment to offering exceptional value for investments. Customer satisfaction remains paramount in their ethos, underpinned by sound planning and a customer-centric approach.

Backed by a proficient team of industry experts, Citi Housing Developers possess a wealth of experience in every facet of development. Their hands-on management ensures each phase unfolds as envisioned, with stringent quality oversight to ensure the highest standards are met.

Citi Housing Peshawar Facilities and Amenities

1. State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

Housing Peshawar boasts meticulously planned and well-maintained infrastructure, ensuring a seamless and modern living experience for its residents.

2. 24/7 Security

The housing scheme provides round-the-clock security measures, including vigilant surveillance, gated entry points, and trained personnel, to guarantee a safe and secure environment.

3. Recreational Spaces

Residents can unwind and rejuvenate in beautifully landscaped parks, green belts, and recreational areas, fostering a sense of community and well-being.

4. Educational Institutions

CHP is equipped with educational facilities that offer convenient access to quality learning, making it an ideal choice for families with children.

5. Healthcare Facilities

Modern healthcare centers within the scheme cater to residents’ medical needs, ensuring quick and accessible healthcare services.

6. Commercial Zones

The housing scheme features commercial areas and shops, providing a convenient shopping experience and catering to the daily needs of residents.

7. Community Clubhouse

A well-equipped community clubhouse offers fitness centers, sports facilities, and spaces for social gatherings, promoting an active and vibrant lifestyle for all.

These facilities and amenities collectively enrich the living experience at CHP, making it a truly comprehensive and exceptional residential destination.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) for Citi Housing Peshawar

1) What is the location of Citi Housing Peshawar?

CHP is strategically situated in a prime area of Peshawar, ensuring easy access to major amenities and transportation networks.

2) What types of plots are available in the housing scheme?

The housing scheme offers a range of plot sizes, including 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal, catering to diverse housing preferences.

3) Is Citi Housing Peshawar an approved project?

Yes, CHP is a legally approved project, adhering to all necessary regulations and guidelines.

4) What payment plans are available for potential buyers?

CHP rovides a customer-friendly payment plan, allowing buyers to conveniently pay in installments over a specified period.

5) Are there recreational facilities for residents?

Yes, the housing scheme features beautifully landscaped parks, recreational spaces, and a community clubhouse for residents to enjoy.

6) What security measures are in place within the scheme?

offers 24/7 security, including surveillance and trained personnel, to ensure a safe and secure living environment.

7) Are there educational institutions nearby?

The housing scheme is equipped with educational facilities, providing convenient access to quality education for residents’ families.


In conclusion, CHP is not just a residential project but a testament to modern living, thoughtful planning, and excellence. With its prime location, diverse plot options, customer-oriented payment plans, and a range of facilities, it stands as a harmonious blend of convenience, security, and quality of life. Your dream home awaits in this thriving community, where aspirations and comfort converge seamlessly.

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