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MDA-Approved Housing Societies 2023


Approved by the Multan Development Authority (MDA), the housing societies on the list offer exceptional investment potential and stand as some of the most secure and legally authorized real estate projects. With MDA’s official stamp of approval, these housing schemes provide a legitimate platform for residential development.

When determining the legitimacy of a society, individuals can verify its status through the respective city’s Development Authority website. In this endeavor, Titanium Agency serves as a reliable real estate ally, providing an MDA-approved housing societies list complete with NOC statuses and precise locations. This blog delves into the realm of MDA-approved housing societies, shedding light on their authenticity and promise.

List of MDA-Approved Housing Societies

Following are the Alphabetically-ordered names of MDA-approved societies and their Location, Housing Scheme/Land Sub Divisions (HS/LSD), and approval status of NOC:

NamesMouza / LocationNOC StatusHS/LSD
ADAMS HousingJahangirabad / Matital RoadApprovedHS
Adeel BaghSamurana / Muzaffar Garh RoadApprovedLSD
Al Jawad TownTaraf Daira / Suraj Kund RoadApprovedLSD
Al.Falah Defence CityDurrana Langana / Mattital RoadApprovedLSD
Al.Falah Sharjah CityDurana Langana / Multan Public School RoadApprovedLSD
Al.Jannat HomesTaraf Mubarak Doem / Off Nawab Pur RoadApprovedLSD
Alfalah DubaiDurana Langana / Multan Public School RoadApprovedLSD
Al-Hamd Canal ViewNai Wala / Budhla RoadApprovedHS
Buch Executive Villas (Extension-2)Buch Khusro Abad / Bosan RoadApprovedHS
Buch Executive Villas Phase-IIBuch Khusro Abad / Bosan Road MultanApprovedHS
Buch VillasBuch Khusrao Abad / Bosan RoadApprovedHS
Buch Villas Extension-IBuch Khusro Abad / Bosan RoadApprovedHS
Canal Cantt ViewLangrial / Langrial RoadApprovedLSD
Citi HousingLutf Abad / Bosan Road MultanApprovedHS
Citi Housing Private Ltd (Revised- Extension)Lutf Abad / Bosan RoadApprovedHS
Classic VillasLagrial, Tindni & Khor Sajri / Shuja Abad Canal RoadApprovedHS
Dream Garden Extension (Dream Cottages)Kotla Abul Fatah / Askaria Bypass RoadApprovedHS
EdenKotla Muhammad Baqa / Off Bahawal Pur RoadApprovedLSD
Ehtesham CityKot Rab Nawaz Khan / Southern Bypass RoadApprovedLSD
Fahad TownHamid Pur Kanora / Multan Bypass RoadApprovedHS
Faisal Cottage (Revised) Phase-IIKotla Aul Fatah & Rangeel Pur / Old Shujabad RoadApprovedHS
Faiz-E-Azam HomesBasti Nau / Nawabpur RoadApprovedLSD
Falah.Ud.Din CityDurrana Langana / Matital RoadApprovedLSD
FatimaDura Langana / MA Jinnah RoadApprovedLSD
Fine CityArazi Ghulam Mustafa / Southern Bypass RoadApprovedHS
Grand EnclaveDurana Langana / Northern Bypass RoadApprovedLSD
Green AvenueKotla Matarban / Multan Public School RoadApprovedLSD
Gulshan E AsharKotla Muhammad Baqa / Off Bahawal Pur RoadApprovedLSD
Habib TownDera Muhammadi / Off Bahawal Pur RoadApprovedLSD
Hamza VillasDurrana Langana / Multan Public School RoadApprovedLSD
IbrahimDurrana Langana / Northern Bypaas RoadApprovedLSD
InamKotla Muhammad Baqa / Wali Muhammad Canal RoadApprovedLSD
IramKotla Muhammad Baqa / Off Bahawal Pur RoadApprovedLSD
Liberty Homes / Royal GardenDurana Langana / Northern Bypass RoadApprovedHS
MDA Officers CooperativeDurana Langana / M. A. Jinnah RoadApprovedHS
Multan Canal ViewDera Muhammadi / Bahawalpur RoadApprovedHS
Nayab CityBhaini / Stadium RoadApprovedLSD
New Crystal CitySujjan Pur / LMQ RoadApprovedHS
Nistarian’s CooperativeSalah Mahy / Bosan RoadApprovedLSD
Omega CityArazi Ghulam Mustafa Khan / Southern Bypass RoadApprovedHS
Paramount VillasBua Pur / LMQ Road MultanApprovedLSD
Posh AvenueTaraf Mubarak Doem / Ghaus Ul Azam RoadApprovedLSD
Rasheed AvenueRam Kali / Bahawalpur RoadApprovedLSD
Razia SaeedAlamgir / Muzaffargarh RoadApprovedHS
Revised Dream GardenKotla Abul Fatah / Askaria Bypass RoadApprovedHS
Revised Green LaneBakhar Arbi / Askaria Bypass RoadApprovedLSD
Royal OrchardDurana Langana / Public School RoadApprovedHS
Royal Orchard (Extension)Durana Langana / Multan Public School RoadApprovedHS
Sabzwari TownKotla Muhammad Baqa / Near New Shah Shams Colony Vehari RoadApprovedHS
SaharaDurana Langana / Multan Public School RoadApprovedLSD
Sayyam VillageBhaini & Ram Kali / Southern Bypass RoadApprovedHS
Shah Jahan Canal ViewRam Kali / Bahawalpur RoadApprovedHS
Sharif CityJahangir Abad / Off LMQ RoadApprovedLSD
Smart VillasBua Pur / M. A. Jinnah RoadApprovedLSD
VIPAlamdi Surah / Surajmiani RoadApprovedLSD
Zain MasoodBhaini / Dunya Pur RoadApprovedLSD


Contained within this blog is an exhaustive list of MDA-approved housing societies, each carrying the official endorsement of the Multan Development Authority. Additionally, Titanium Agency stands as a prominent player in Pakistan’s real estate landscape, specializing in premium housing projects nationwide. Should you seek further insights into any housing venture, our website offers round-the-clock access to real estate agents who are poised to guide you. For those seeking lucrative investment avenues, don’t hesitate to contact with us for tailored assistance.

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