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Oasis Farms Islamabad – Payment Plan – Location & Map


Discover the allure of Oasis Farms Islamabad, a project that stands as a testament to the natural splendor of Pakistan’s capital. Nestled in an iconic area of Islamabad, with breathtaking views of the Murree Mountains and the verdant Margalla hills, Oasis Farms has earned its reputation as one of the most remarkable developments in the city.

Meticulously designed in collaboration with renowned architects, the developers have crafted spacious plots in picturesque locations that seamlessly blend with the natural hilly terrain. As a result, Oasis Farms in Islamabad is now celebrated by end consumers as an enchanting destination that embodies both charm and tranquility, creating the perfect backdrop for a luxurious lifestyle.

Unveiling Oasis Farms Islamabad: A Commitment to Excellence by Oasis Marketing and Developers

In the realm of real estate development, Oasis Marketing and Developers stand as the visionaries behind Oasis Farms Islamabad. With a steadfast commitment to superior infrastructure and contemporary architectural design, the developers bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, particularly in sustainable real estate development. At the core of their mission lies the dedication to crafting a residential project that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of their clients, promising a living experience like no other.

Update on NOC Status for Oasis Farms Islamabad

Discover the latest developments on the NOC status for Oasis Farms Islamabad, an upcoming housing society. As a newly established project, the society is currently in the process of obtaining the necessary NOC approval. The administration is meticulously reviewing the submitted documentation to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Oasis Farms’ management has diligently submitted all required paperwork, seeking legal clearance for this promising housing venture. With these steps in motion, we anticipate that Oasis Farms will soon secure the NOC approval, marking a significant milestone towards becoming an officially sanctioned residential project. Stay tuned for further updates in the coming days as we progress towards this exciting achievement.

Discover Oasis Farms

Explore the Location of Oasis Farms Islamabad:

Discover the enchanting location of Oasis Farms Islamabad, strategically positioned near Zone IV of the capital city. Nestled against the breathtaking backdrop of the Margalla Hills, this idyllic setting provides a serene escape surrounded by nature’s beauty. Oasis Farms is thoughtfully located in an area blessed with exceptional natural resources, promising a harmonious blend of tranquility and scenic charm.

Location and Map

Oasis Farms Islamabad Accessibilities

Oasis Farms Islamabad is a project that is fairly accessible.

  • The Serena Hotel Islamabad is situated on Simly Dam Road and is only sixteen minutes away.
  • Islamabad’s main city is about eighteen minutes away.
  • Bahria Enclave Zoo is the closest, at 7 minutes.
  • Rawal Dam and Faizabad are 35 minutes away.

Nearby Places & Landmarks

  • Pakistan Naval Farms
  • Bani Gala
  • Spring Valley
  • Park View City Islamabad
  • Bahria Enclave Zoo
  • Botanical Garden

Easy Payment Plan: Turning Your Farmhouse into a Reality

Discover the allure of farmhouses and residential plots at Oasis Farms, available in sizes ranging from 2 Kanal, 4 Kanal, to 8 Kanal, catering to diverse preferences for those seeking a tranquil abode amidst picturesque mountains. Our thoughtfully designed payment plans offer an off-plan opportunity to make your dream a reality. Secure your desired plot effortlessly by initiating the process with a modest 20% down payment, followed by convenient instalment, bringing you one step closer to your dream home.

Before making a commitment, we encourage you to review the terms and conditions for booking a plot at Oasis Farms. These guidelines are in place to ensure a fair and transparent process for all our esteemed customers.

payment plan

Discover Your Dream Home at Oasis Farms Islamabad: Unveiling the Master Plan

At Oasis Farms Islamabad, we understand the significance of flexibility in payment options. Our customer-eccentric approach is reflected in the remarkably convenient payment plans for farmhouses, requiring only a 10% booking payment and a minimal 10% confirmation payment to secure your dream home. To further ease the financial process, a 30% possession fee is applicable for the plots within the society. Additionally, our administration introduces a 1.5-year payment plan, allowing for payments to be conveniently spread across six equal quarterly installments. With our commitment to simplifying the home-buying process, Oasis Farms Islamabad invites you to embark on the journey of turning your home ownership dreams into reality.

Oasis Farms provides a variety of farmhouses in various sizes, including the following:

  • 2 Kanal
  • 4 Kanal
  • 8 Kanal
Master Plan

Oasis Farm House Islamabad Features & Amenities

1. Scenic Location:

Oasis Farm House in Islamabad offers a picturesque setting, surrounded by lush greenery and serene landscapes, providing a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

2. Private Pool and Spa:

Enjoy a luxurious lifestyle with a private pool and spa facilities, allowing residents to unwind and relax in the comfort of their own oasis.

3. Modern Architecture:

The farm house boasts modern and stylish architecture, featuring spacious interiors with contemporary design elements that enhance the overall living experience.

4. Landscaped Gardens:

Immerse yourself in nature with beautifully landscaped gardens and lawns, providing a perfect setting for outdoor activities, family gatherings, or simply a quiet stroll amidst the greenery.

5. Recreational Facilities:

Oasis Farm House offers a range of recreational amenities, including sports facilities, play areas for children, and spaces for social events, fostering a sense of community and entertainment.

6. Security and Privacy:

Ensuring a secure living environment, the farm house provides gated access and security services, allowing residents to enjoy their private retreat with peace of mind.

7. Proximity to Urban Amenities:

Despite its secluded ambiance, Oasis Farm House is strategically located to offer easy access to essential urban amenities, ensuring that residents can enjoy the best of both worlds – a peaceful rural retreat and convenient city living.


Oasis Farms Islamabad is a brand-new, popular farmhouse community in Pakistan that offers its residents an inexpensive payment plan in addition to a prime location. Additionally, the administration has included first-rate amenities to improve every resident’s quality of life. Therefore, you can buy a farmhouse in this society with the services of Titanium Agency Pvt Ltd.

Stay Tuned for Updates

For the latest updates and information on Oasis Farm House Islamabad, Stay Tuned to Titanium Agency Pvt Ltd. We will keep you informed about the project’s progress and provide valuable insights for potential buyers and investors, Contact Us Now.

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